More jazz and things

Three tunes today—almost a half hour of original content. I’ve been having trouble coming up with good recordings, so some tunes got stacked up.

Ended up with this jazz tune yesterday when I was messing with ii-V-I progressions and variations. Here are the chords.

Em7b5 A7     DM7 %     | Dm7   G7  CM7  % |
Cm7   Cdim7  Fm7 Bb7   | EbM7  %   |
Cm7   Fm7    Bb7 %     | Bbm6  Eb7 AbM7 % | 
Abm7  Abdim7 Gm7 Gdim7 | Cm7b5 F7  BbM7 % |

[#iv] ⇘7     ⇘M    %   | m     ⇘7  ⇘M  % |
m     dim    ⇘m    ⇘7  | ⇘M    %   |
[vi]  ⇘m     ⇘7    %   | m6    ⇘7  ⇘M  % | 
m     dim    [iii] dim | ⇘m7b5 ⇘7  ⇘M  % |

In the past few days I also wrote a tune that is, harmonically, reminiscent of Making Memories—though it ended up with a different feel. Here are the chords:

Ab    % | Gb % | Ab    % | Gb     Db    |
Ab    % | Gb % | Ab    % | Gb     %     |
Bsus4 % | B* % | Bsus4 % | B*     %     |
Bsus4 % | B* % | Bsus4 % | C#m F# B D#m |

The spots with asterisks mean that I played the chord itself, its relative, or its variant.

Also did a slow piano rendition and improvisation of a fiddle tune: Wild Horse in the Canebrake (source: Kentucky fiddler Jake Phelps).

Also, here’s a clip from the fifth episode of Ken Burns’ documentary mini-series on jazz. I think that this sixty-second interview with Duke Ellington illustrates a fundamental concept of jazz, music, and the creative process in general—which is that creative ideas, combined with the urge to express them, result in more ideas, and this ends up as a process that powers itself and pulls you along as if you’re in a dream.

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