About me

My name is Roger Netherton. I’m a musician. I play old-time fiddle music, and I mess around on piano.

Recently, I’ve been finding that I just gravitate towards the piano after my college classes are over, and I play music on it for a few hours. I usually end up with a recording or two. In this blog, I’ll post those recordings and write about any thoughts or discoveries that I made during the session.

I might post other things, too. Who knows.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Roger – I first came across you on YT a few months ago when I heard you play “June Apple”, you were a few years younger then and obviously have improved considerably. I wrote your mom through Fiddle Hangout to let her know how impressed I was with your playing. I started playing the fiddle a few years back at the age of 72. Sure wish I started sooner but my professional life in another field got in the way. I’m retired now and love playing, especially old time/Appalachian stuff. Sure glad I now have found your fiddle blog. Hope you won’t mind and ole’ fart hanging out and trying to learn stuff from an obviously very talented young guy.


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