Old-time fiddle videos

You could find a bunch of videos of me by searching “Roger Netherton fiddle” on YouTube, but the videos listed here are ones that I made for demonstration purposes. These videos have clear sound quality, and in some of them I play the tune fast and slow.

2 thoughts on “Old-time fiddle videos

  1. Hi Roger, i saw you at Battleground, wished i would’ve had my fiddle with me for your workshop.
    I was wondering if you could post a video of “Fine Times at our House” where you demonstrate that DD-UU Bowing.


    • Hi, Guy! Glad you liked the workshop.

      I can definitely do that! I’m recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, but after that I plan to upload a few more bowing demo videos, including ones for the pulse and for the two-note stroke (the DD-UU bowing you’re asking about). Here’s a demo video of the two-note stroke that I’ll probably blog about soon, though. Hope it helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Znfcggipxk




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