Measured steps, finger exercises, and more

I explored lots of stuff today. (I’m talking about yestertoday, March 21. I subscribe to the notion that it doesn’t truly become the next day until you go to sleep and wake up.) I wrote another tune, messed with some finger exercises, played around with that expanded ii V I pattern, and played a previous tune again. Continue reading

This blog

Recently, I’ve been finding that I just gravitate towards the piano after my college classes are over, and I play music on it for a few hours. I usually end up with a recording or two. In this blog, I’ll post those recordings and write about any thoughts or discoveries that I made during the session.

I might post other things, too. Who knows.

Here’s something that I made up yesterday and was playing around with today. The sequence is

||: CM7/G Cm75/G :|| Dm7/F DMm7/F# Dm7/F CM7/E ||: FM7 GMm7 Am7 GMm7 :|| FM7 GMm7 CM7