A couple medleys

Sat down at the piano to play, and I came out with two medley-type improvisations.

The first one started with variations on the theme of Floating. Then I just sort of played whatever came to mind. About five minutes in, I incorporated the second part of Genius at Play. At about seven minutes, I played a new tune that I’ve been writing. At about ten minutes, I played variations on Daisies in Paris. At about 14:30, I played more of the new tune I’ve been writing, though this time in a key one whole step higher. At about 16:30, I started playing variations on the Someday’s Dreamers theme (alternate link). At 19:30 I started playing Flurry (duet link). Around 21:30 I did an outro using the cyclical, descending ii V I jazz chord progression.

The second one came out of just messing with chords. I found a sequence that sounded really cool, and a tune kind of just flowed from it. At about seven minutes, I started playing a variation of Measured Steps that incorporated (even more) parts of Only in Spirit.

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