Adjustments to previous tunes, and a cover

Added a tag to Measured Steps, and did a cover of a tune from an anime soundtrack.

I was playing Measured Steps, and I noticed that it felt a bit awkward just to turn a GM7 into a GMm7 to go to the C at the beginning. So I changed the ending slightly, incorporating the sequence from Only in Spirit to get back to the C chord. I also added in some melodic/bass line movement midway through the tune to smooth out the chord progression.

The chords are now these:

||: CM7 CMm7/B | FM7 FMm7/E | BM7 Bm7/A | G A DM7 (B) | A B EM7 (D) | C D GM7 (F) | E DM7 C :||

I also incorporated a bass line idea that I got when I was listening to Vince Guaraldi’s Cast Your Fate to the Wind.

Here’s an improvisation I did a week ago based on the first track from the soundtrack of Someday’s Dreamers. (Apparently the title is “Where the Sky and Earth Meet.” I’ve always known it just as “the Someday’s Dreamers theme,” though.) Apologies for the mediocre sound quality. I’m not sure why, but the G above middle C seemed to be resonating strongly with my phone’s microphone.

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